Lotus Primecare

Lotus Primecare is an independent Clinical Psychology Service. The team provide psychological assessment, therapy, teaching and training workshops. In addition to clinical services, Lotus Primecare play an active role in raising social awareness around emotional wellbeing and mental health. The practice required a brand refresh to bring various marketing efforts in line with one brand style.

ClientLotus PrimecareServicesBranding, Creative Direction, Strategy


Lotus Primecare were looking to structure their brand in a way that would allow them to grow and scale their service offerings. They started with a logo and needed full development of their brand, tone of voice and style. It was important to define their core values and ensure they were effectively translated across the brand.


In order to develop a thorough brand, I set out to define key aspects such as the tone of voice, the emotions evoked by brand touch points, and added structure to core elements. By clearly organising assets, the brand would be able to grow having guidelines to adhere to.

When choosing the primary typeface, it was important to select one that was contemporary in its design, to reflect the brand and its ethos, but flexible so that it can be used in a variety of communications.


The project resulted in a clear set of guidelines, with structured and defined information for the brand. I developed much of the information through research and branding theory, so that Lotus Primecare has the foundation that will allow for future growth.

From these guidelines, the company is now able to produce a wide range of marketing and brand material, in order to effectively raise brand awareness to develop improved communications with their clients.

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