Throughout TOTW’s short but colourful history there has always been a passion to deliver quality of the highest standard. We, as founders, developed the whole process, from design to print production and brand development to creative direction, in-house, to ensure every aspect of the brand remains true to our core values: Quality, Trust and Service. These three elements remain at the heart of everything we do.

Top of the World as a phrase evokes emotion. Achievement, personal glory, freedom – it’s the emotion that it creates that counts. Liberate, motivate, and develop character that pertains to a certain lifestyle.

TOTW London aims to push exactly that at every touch point, from the superior quality of our garments to the detail in our craftsmanship.

We build the individual to succeed, and the brand encapsulates all that is necessary for the journey to reach there.



When we began researching into which type of garment we’d begin our first collection with, we went through at least 25 different samples. We had to make it perfect. From the weight of the cloth, to the fit of the tee, we ensured it was of the highest quality and standard. But it doesn’t stop there. All our products are designed, processed, and made by us. We print each order individually in-house and this allows us to provide quality like no other.

The entire customer process matters so we ensure every customer within the UK receives FREE tracked delivery, as a standard, for peace of mind and added value. On top of that, we provide tracked delivery for our international customers as well. Each order is hand-wrapped with and delivered with a personalised thank you card.

These core values are a part of everything we do. From designing collections to packaging orders, we believe these core values drive the brand forward.


In 2015 we linked up with lifestyle brand Oblique on a special collaboration. We combined Oblique’s urban influence with TOTW’s style to create a series of pieces, promoted through joint events, integrated campaigns and our vast media partners.

Together, Oblique and Top of the World London successfully hosted several events, to raise brand awareness for both teams as well as the collection. TOTW ran pop up stores at events, with bringing the experience of Top of the World London to the customer.

The collaboration gained positive reception from customers and brand followers, noting the high quality standard TOTW holds as well as the brand experience, from ordering items to receiving the hand crafted goods.


As part of our seasonal campaigns, we began offering gift cards to increase conversions and further increase brand awareness. However, when we decided to start with this strategy, we wanted to provide a better experience.

We didn’t want to devalue the brand by pushing discounts, so we produced premium feel gift cards, personalised with the recipients details, put together in a classic black envelope. When used on our site, the user is taken through an exclusive product journey which adds to the brand experience.

Timed to be released during the holiday season, the campaign proved successful and improved overall sales and reach.


At TOTW, we believe that when it comes to quality, it’s important to make sure it’s from sustainable sources. Back in 2013, when we began sourcing materials, we knew that whatever product we used, it would have to be good for the environment, fair trade and of course great quality.

That is why every collection produced since then has featured premium, high quality garments that have been made with high ethical standards and a zero tolerance policy on child labour and unfair working conditions. We’ve even tried to minimise our packaging by using recyclable tissue paper which we wrap our products in, ensuring we do our little bit for the environment.

As we said, great quality products are important to us. Making sure that they were made fairly and aren’t harming the environment is a value we hold equally important.